Brent Sanford, a Watford City, North Dakota native, recently served as mayor of Watford City, a position he held from 2010-2016. Brent also served on the Watford City council from 2006-2010.

As mayor, Brent led the building of a 1,500-person community into a 12,000-person city. The effort encompassed a community buy-in, team building, creative financing, and more, all while keeping property taxes to only a three to four percent increase. New community infrastructure includes daycare facilities, service worker housing, high school, conference/events center, airport terminal, law enforcement center, healthcare facility, and more. All these things have enabled Watford City to grow and flourish while accommodating 10 times more people.

In addition to local government leadership experience, Brent brings success as an entrepreneur in the private sector, having served as CFO of Transwest Trucks, a multi-location truck dealership, financing, and manufacturing operation with more than 400 employees headquartered in Brighton, Colorado.

In November 2004, Brent became owner and president of S & S Motors in Watford City. He took a stagnant former Ford dealership to 10 consecutive years of sales increases. He built a high-performing service team and created a unique custom vehicle procurement service in an isolated western North Dakota community.

A CPA, Brent earned a degree in accounting from the University of North Dakota. He worked at Eide Bailly in Fargo for eight years before joining Transwest Trucks.

Brent and his wife, Sandi, have three children.